Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Favorite thing to wear: Jeans , T-shirts , comfortable clothes aswell as sexy lingerie
Favorite Color: Pink and blue?
Favorite Movie: Requiem For A Dream?
Favorite Food: ohhh… I am very picky about food, because I want to stay fit, so I love eating salads, but I LOVE pizza and spaghetti too…grr, so bad that I can't eat it too often.
Favorite Book: Too many to name just one. I love serious books, the ones that make me think a lot after I finished them.
Turn-ons: Dirty talk during sex. The more vulgar the better. Good kissers.
Turn-offs: Guys that don't have any respect for women. That's all I can think bout now ;-))

Im just a girl looking for fun exciting and uninhibited guy. I am genuinely undemanding ready to listen if you need it I think its real important to laugh and I live life to the fullest! Im a genuine good girl and I wont say Im interested when Im not. I like to do it in lots of different positions but doggy style is my favorite. I love to get it doggystyle because then I feel like you are in control and I still can work you back.. I really need something like that I really need to get off on some real meat. I am very oral too and just love to moan and drool over a nice cock. Mail me if you want.

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